Newsweek article by Dr. Denis Mukwege

“According to the best estimates available, more than 1,100 women and girls are raped each day. At Panzi Hospital, I have treated more than 19,000 women and girls whose bodies, lives and communities were brutalized by rape.”

“Without the men of Congo also working to end the scourge of sexual violence, even our holistic model of healing will never be enough. Ten new cases will still come to our doors every day. Rape as a weapon of war is a red line no human being, and no state actor, should cross, whether on the campuses of Western universities or here in Congo. It is time to value each other and our lives.

The absence of national leadership within Congo, as well as international governmental and judicial support, to hold perpetrators accountable for their crimes cannot stand. (…)

I am a doctor. The Hippocratic oath binds me to do no harm. I am a man, and my conscience binds me to the same.”

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