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Women, Peace, and Security

How we are Seeking Justice for women

In situations of armed conflict, rape and other forms of sexual violence are often used as a tactic of war and genocide. Women and girls in conflict are also at risk of forced pregnancies, forced sterilizations, and displacement. A disproportionately large burden of the care-giving work to rebuild communities falls upon them. Despite the grave impact of armed conflict on women’s lives and the crucial role they play in stabilizing communities under conflict, women have historically been sidelined from leadership roles in formal peace building processes around the world. Frontline Women's Fund currently supports the work of five front line women’s rights activist groups who work to protect women’s rights in armed conflict and enhance their role in peace building in the DR Congo, Libya, and Syria.

We are proud to be supporting the Women’s Forum on Afghanistan, an initiative led by Afghan women and hosted by the Sisterhood is Global Institute. The Women's Forum on Afghanistan was formed after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, which has had a devastating impact on women's rights. It works to ensure the inclusion of Afghan women in the dialogue and decision-making of the international community on the future of Afghanistan.


of current war casualties are civilians, the majority of whom are women and children.


has historically been used as a weapon of war around the world and continues with impunity.


of peace negotiators from 1992 to 2018 were women, lessening the likelihood of peace agreements lasting more than 2 years.

"Those states that foster gender equality through laws and enforce those laws are less likely to go to war. They are less likely to use force first when in conflict. They are less likely to get involved in violent crises. Once again, a gender-neutral perspective leads you to focus on military might, whereas a gendered perspective highlights the importance of gender equality to facilitate state security."

| Valerie Hudson, Professor of Political Science, Texas A&M University

Our Grantees

Get to know our hardworking grantees who are each doing their part to end sex trafficking across the globe. We proudly support these organizations and their missions. Donations that go directly to these organizations can be made on their individual partner page.


The Panzi Foundation supports the mission of the Panzi Hospital, which is to assure holistic quality care to the population through improved health care service delivery, community outreach activities, and advocacy.


The Syrian Women's Forum for Peace is a civilian organization that aims to activate Syrian and international public opinion to lobby decision makers to adopt peaceful political means to build a democratic state.


Synergie des Femmes pour les Victimes des Violences Sexuelles provides psycho-social, medical, and legal defense services to victims of sexual violence in North Kivu province, Democratic Republic of Congo.


Libyan Women’s Platform For Peace ensures that women remain a vital part of post-Gaddafi Libya, with an emphasis on women’s rights as related to women’s political and economic participation, constitutional reform, and education.

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