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Sex Trafficking


Frontline Women's Fund promotes the Equality Model of prostitution legislation, which decriminalizes prostituted women and girls and invests in exit strategies for survivors to leave the sex trade while penalizing pimps, brothel-owners, profiteers and sex buyers. Variously known as the Equality Model, Swedish/Nordic Model, and partial decriminalization, this approach was first spearheaded by Sweden in 1999 and has steadily gained traction since. The Equality Model has been adopted by Canada, France, Iceland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Norway and Sweden.


of human trafficking victims are trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation


of sex trafficking victims are women and girls.


is generated in illegal profits from commercial sexual exploitation globally each year

“The idea of prostitution as sex work is insulting offensive nonsense. What was happening to us in the brothels and red light zones wasn’t work or anything remotely resembling work. It was compensated sexual violation. That is how we experienced it. That is how we lived it. That is what we suffered from.”

| Rachel Moran, Founder of SPACE International, Survivor Leader


Launched in 2018, Frontline Women's Fund’s Gloria Steinem Equality Fund to End Sex Trafficking supports front line women’s rights activists who promote and advocate for the adoption of the Equality Model. Co-convened with CAP International, the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women and SPACE International, the Equality Fund currently has 13 grantees from Argentina, Germany, Iceland, India, Italy, Latvia, Lebanon, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa, Spain, and South Korea.

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Our Co-Convenors

Get to know our hardworking co-convenors who are each doing their part to end sex trafficking across the globe. We proudly support these organizations and their missions. Donations that go directly to these organizations can be made on their individual partner page.

CAP International

The Coalition for the Abolition of Prostitution (CAP International) is a movement made of grassroots and survivors-led organizations united around a common objective: the abolition of the systems of prostitution and trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women

The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW) is one of the oldest international organizations working to end the trafficking and sexual exploitation of women and girls.


SPACE International (Survivors of Prostitution – Abuse Calling for Enlightenment) was formed to give voice to women who have survived the abusive reality of prostitution.

Our Grantees

Get to know our hardworking grantees who are each doing their part to end sex trafficking across the globe. We proudly support these organizations and their missions. Donations that go directly to these organizations can be made on their individual partner page.

marta centre

Marta Centre the only women’s rights organization in Latvia provides professional, social, legal and psychological services to individuals who have been victims of violence and human trafficking


KAFA is a Lebanese non-profit organization seeking to create a society free of social, economic and legal structures that discriminate against women.


National Solidarity

National Solidarity Against Sexual Exploitation of Women is a national network against commercial sexual exploitation in South Korea.



AMADH is an Argentinian survivor-led organization that fights for the rights of women in prostitution and considers commercial sexual exploitation a form of gender-based violence.

Maiti Nepal-Logo


MAITI Nepal was founded in 1993 to protect Nepali girls and women from domestic violence, human trafficking, child prostitution, child labor and various other forms of exploitation and torture.



SOLWODI campaigns for the rights of foreign women in Germany including victims of human trafficking, sexual exploitation and prostitution, forced marriage or other forms of violence.

Asociación La Sur

Asociación La Sur

Asociación La Sur is a non-profit organization in Spain working on abolishing prostitution.

Stigamot Logo


Stigamot is an Icelandic organization that promotes the Swedish Equality Model and supports survivors of sexual violence and commercial sexual exploitation.


Apne Aap

Apne Aap Women Worldwide is a grassroots Indian organization that empowers marginalized girls and women to resist and end sex trafficking.

Resistenza Femminista-Logo

Resistenza Femminista

Resistenza Femminista combats patriarchy, capitalism, prostitution, the commercial sex industry, trafficking and gender stereotypes in Italy.

Emargi Logo

Asociación para la emancipación de mujeres y niñas

Emargi is a non-profit organization born in Bilbao, Spain. Their objective is to fight for a future free of the sexual and reproductive exploitation of women and girls on a local, national, and international level.



Colabo, a non-profit organization based in Japan, is dedicated to helping women and young girls escape from sexual exploitation and domestic violence in downtown areas. Their mission is to provide support and resources to ensure that every girl has access to essentials like clothing, food, and shelter, and is protected from exploitation and violence.

SESP square logo

Survivor Empowerment & Support Programme

Survivor-founded and led organization, SESP's mission is to economically empower prostituted women so that they may be able to create a life outside of the system of prostitution and to actively advocate for law reform to abolish the system of prostitution.

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