After decades of war, help brave Congolese women lay groundwork for peace

The Congolese Women’s Forum for Peace and Security in Kinshasa, which brought together 65 women from all 26 provinces in the DRC, was coordinated by Synergie des Femmes with support from Dr. Denis Mukwege and Panzi Foundation. It was broadcast on Facebook to over 640,000 viewers. After decades of devastating war these brave women made ground-breaking plans for peace in a country where an estimated 400,000 women are raped every year.

In the past few days this new coalition for peace has already made major progress. In the Kasai region, militant groups have caused the deaths of an estimated 3,000 people this year. As a result of the Forum, six women from the new coalition were invited to join peace talks which they had been previously excluded from. There they were given an opportunity to address the hundreds of men gathered on the urgent need for peace. This is a first step, but they want to do more!

We need your help to raise urgently needed funding for these women to carry out a nationwide plan for peace. Local women leaders will start by recruiting community allies to build a strong movement. They will work to ensure that women are given equal political representation and they will work to bring peace to their war torn country.

This is a massive undertaking. The Democratic Republic of Congo is still torn by violence. Your donation will help Congolese women ensure a more peaceful future, which would be life-changing for millions of women and girls.


Jessica Neuwirth

Be Part Of The Solution