Sold into marriage in Afghanistan

We recently received this note from Krishma and wanted to share it with you:

At age 18 I was sold into marriage to an older man in Afghanistan. I protested but I had no choice and at one point was even threatened by my father with a knife. After many months of abuse from my husband I finally managed to run away to the emergency safe house run by the Humanitarian Assistance for the Women and Children of Afghanistan (HAWCA) in Kabul.

In the safe house they gave me the strength to fight for myself. They are like family to me and they gave so much love and respect.

Yours sincerely,


Woman at HAWCA safe house, Kabul, Afghanistan

Woman at HAWCA safe house, Kabul, Afghanistan

Please make an urgent donation to HAWCA so girls and women like Krishma can continue to have somewhere safe to go to rebuild their lives after facing such desperate circumstances.

Thank you,

Jessica Neuwirth

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