Justice for Congolese Survivors of Sexual Violence

On November 7, 2019, the International Criminal Court (ICC) sentenced Bosco Ntaganda of the Democratic Republic of Congo to 30 years imprisonment for war crimes and crimes against humanity. The decision is especially significant for women’s rights activists as it is the first sentencing on sexual violence and sexual slavery by the ICC. Donor Direct Action partner from DR Congo, Justine Masika Bihamba of Synergie des Femmes, had called for his arrest in a BBC interview in 2012, after which she was personally threatened by Ntaganda’s men and had to flee the country. He subsequently surrendered and was taken into custody by the ICC in March 2013. Justine shared some thoughts with us on the conviction and sentencing of Ntaganda:  

Justice for DRC's Survivors of Sexual Violence

Justine’s organization Synergie des Femmes pour les Victimes des Violences Sexuelles helps Congolese survivors of sexual violence in conflict reclaim their lives. To commemorate this historic moment of justice I hope you will make a contribution to support the work of Synergie.

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