ASOGEN Survivor Success Story

June 1, 2021 | Donor Direct Action

SECC (pseudonym) is a teenage survivor of sexual violence. At the time she began her psychotherapeutic process she presented post-traumatic stress disorder, in addition to psychosomatic symptoms such as lack of appetite, sleep disturbance (hypersomnia, insomnia and nightmares) and frequent headaches.  She was also exhibiting symptoms of an altered emotional state, manifesting through frequent crying, anhedonia (loss of interest in the things she used to enjoy) and severe anxiety.


As her psychotherapeutic process advanced, significant changes in her behavior began to be noticed. As her appetite returned, her mother said "she is already eating, not like before but I see that she is more animated"; stress levels were reduced so nightmares began to decrease, and insomnia was rare. The adolescent remarked "I no longer have a headache and now I can sleep through the night".


With the psychotherapeutic support and personal support network, hypersomnia was also reduced and anxiety attacks were controlled. When the offender obtained a conviction, her sense of safety increased and her changes came more rapidly. After two years, SECC is a woman who has managed to rebuild her life and is currently attending support workshops for teenage survivors of violence.

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