25,000 reported rapes in Peru – introducing Manuela Ramos

Peru has one of the highest rates of reported rape in Latin America. According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office three rapes are reported every single hour – over 25,000 in 2017! The vast majority of these were women and three quarters of those affected were under 18-years-old. Some of these women and girls face even further hardship after becoming pregnant as a result of rape. Peru continues to ban abortion in almost all instances – including in cases of both rape and fatal fetal abnormality.

Watch a short video on Manuela Ramos, introduced by Jane Fonda

Watch a short message on Manuela Ramos, introduced by Jane Fonda

Our Peruvian partner Manuela Ramos has been working hard to help women and girls individually – and also to ensure that the law is changed in the coming months. This would mean that victims of sexual violence are better supported – and that abortion is safe and legal, at least for the many young girls and women who become pregnant as a result of rape. Please give what you can to support this essential work!


Jessica Neuwirth

Please also read more about the situation for women in Peru in a recent interview with Victoria Villanueva, co-founder of Manuela Ramos on ‘Pass Blue‘.

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