A Simple Way to Help Women Effected by the Pandemic

June 2, 2021 | Donor Direct Action

ASOGEN devised a strategy to support a group of 23 women from the community of Patzicia, providing them with economic empowerment workshops. After the workshops, they were trained to raise egg-laying hens, so that they could generate economic income.

Each one of the women was also empowered on issues of women's human rights, reporting routes in cases of violence against women and sexual violence, also on issues of self-care such as self-esteem, self-worth and empowering their capacities to create new projects. Training was also provided on the care and raising of egg-laying chickens to start their own business and generate income.

The women expressed their joy in attending these workshops, since many of them had no knowledge of these topics. They felt supported and accompanied, one of them saying that it was a space where she felt valued, listened to and felt that she was not alone, she could grow and succeed. Another one said she felt very happy because she needed this support to start a business and with the chicken that ASOGEN had given her she would be able to start selling eggs in the community.

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