International Women's Day - A Call for Global Solidarity

March 8, 2022 | Donor Direct Action

Today, as we commemorate International Women’s Day, we are watching an unprovoked military invasion progress with news pouring in of death, destruction and a mounting humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

As we celebrate the strength and courage of women around the world, we see women in Ukraine fighting for their homes, their families, their country. From Ukraine to Afghanistan, we see the cruel reality of militarism and patriarchy leaving a trail of violence, starvation, and uprooted lives in its wake.

This has been a period of global crisis - from COVID to climate change - and we could not more urgently need the resistance, resilience, and strength of women, which we celebrate today. In Afghanistan, no longer allowed to operate its shelter, our partner has been working tirelessly to distribute food under extremely difficult circumstances. With your help, we have been able to get funds to them which gave more than one thousand families enough food for a month. Meanwhile, the director of the organization remains in hiding, forced underground by the ruthless misogyny of the Talban. Please take a moment to watch this video and see the impact your contributions have made.

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Displaced outside Afghanistan, around the world Afghan women leaders are coming together and fighting for their country - not with guns but with their voices and leadership. The Sisterhood is Global Institute, which hosts Donor Direct Action, is supporting these courageous women and hosting the Women's Forum on Afghanistan, an initiative led by Afghan women leaders which is launching a call today for global solidarity. Here is a link to the Women's Forum on Afghanistan - we hope you will make a contribution today in honor of International Women's Day to support their work.

As we celebrate the courage and determination of women around the world today, let's remember how interconnected we all are. With so many crises in so many countries, the media moves on from one to the next. We will not move on - while we look for ways to effectively support the people of Ukraine, we remember the people of Afghanistan and all others working for peace, justice and equality.

Happy International Women's Day!


Jessica Neuwirth

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