Thanks for making a difference - 2021 Annual Report

July 21, 2022 | Donor Direct Action

Dear friends,

We are proud to share with you Donor Direct Action’s 2021 Annual Report. In this moment of global uncertainty may it serve as a look at all we have accomplished, a call to action and a beacon of hope illuminating the resilience and strength of our frontline women activists. Thank you to all of our donors who have joined us in our commitment to reimagining a more equitable world. You share our belief that true change comes from within communities and that an investment in historically marginalized women-led organizations is an investment in the future. Thank you to our partners around the world who continue to inspire us with your tenacity, bravery and unwavering dedication to women’s rights.

In 2021 we saw an increase in the number of women and girls unafraid to use their voices in the face of an ongoing global pandemic, geopolitical conflict, climate crisis and growing global conservatism attacking women’s fundamental human rights. Let the pages of our Annual Report reflect 2021, a year that challenged us to be as courageous in our support as these women and girls on the frontlines, from Afghanistan to Somalia to Peru, who continue to fight for their communities, autonomy, and the future.

Thank you again for your support. We hope you will continue to invest in the visionaries, our frontline partners who intrepidly envision a better world and are resolutely determined to create it.


Jessica Neuwirth

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