World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

July 30, 2022 | Donor Direct Action

Dear friends,

In honor of World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, we want to take a moment to highlight the phenomenal work of Maiti Nepal, one of our Gloria Steinem Equality Fund to End Sex Trafficking grantees.

Guided by the vision of a society free of sex trafficking, Maiti Nepal works at the intersection of prevention, legal advocacy, rehabilitation and reintegration. One of their extraordinary initiatives is the Sonja Kill Memorial Hospice, a space created to serve survivors of trafficking infected with sexually transmitted diseases and provide psychological support to those living with PTSD and other psychological wounds caused by the violence and abuse endured by trafficked women and girls. Sonja Kill has become a safe haven for survivors in Nepal, providing free medical services, meals, clothing, shelter, vocational training, companionship, online psychosocial counselling, COVID-19 vaccinations, and a place where women and girls can heal and live in dignity and peace.

Trafficking Survivors at the Sonja Kill Memorial Hospice

Today we highlight Maiti Nepal, because of their unwavering commitment to survivors of sex trafficking. Human trafficking is a gendered human rights issue with women and girls making up a staggering 99.4% of sex trafficking victims. We hope you will take a stand against sex trafficking and join us in supporting anti-trafficking women’s organizations like Maiti Nepal by donating today to the Gloria Steinem Equality Fund to End Sex Trafficking.


Jessica Neuwirth

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