You can help stop rape in Somalia

May 1, 2019 | Donor Direct Action

Young Girls at the Galkayo Center

Three weeks ago Hodan Ahmed Shalayste was raped and killed in Puntland, Somalia, in front of her three year old son. She was eight months pregnant at the time.

Five suspects have been arrested but the organization I run, The Galkayo Education Center for Peace and Development, needs to keep the pressure up to ensure that they are held accountable.

The government claims it supports the new Sexual Offenses Act but we have yet to see this happen in practice. Traditional courts are still used to settle disputes, so getting justice continues to be extremely difficult for Somali women and girls.

Please donate what you can to help us change this. We have achieved a lot, but need your urgent support to do more for women like Hodan.

Warm regards,

Hawa Aden Mohamed
Executive Director, The Galkayo Education Center for Peace and Development

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