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Peruvian feminists fighting femicide need your help

By Frontline Women's Fund | Mar 27, 2023
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On March 13th, two university students were sexually abused and murdered in Chosica, Peru, highlighting the urgent need for action to end violence against women and girls.

Finally, Justice for Solsiret Rodriquez

By Frontline Women's Fund | Jun 16, 2022
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When feminist activist Solsiret Rodriguez disappeared six years ago, her parents knew she had been another victim of femicide.

Feminist Activism in Peru

By Frontline Women's Fund | Nov 17, 2021
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Throughout Latin America, machismo culture teaches men, and women, that women are property, less than human, deserve abuse and punishment, and have no inherent rights.


Justice For Victims Of Femicide In Peru

By Donor Direct Action | Dec 7, 2020
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Justice continues to elude victims of femicide in Peru. In 2019, 168 cases of femicide were recorded while only four perpetrators were sentenced to prison for femicide.

25,000 reported rapes in Peru – introducing Manuela Ramos

By Frontline Women's Fund | Oct 2, 2018
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Peru has one of the highest rates of reported rape in Latin America. According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office three rapes are reported every single…

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Forced Pregnancies

By Frontline Women's Fund | Jun 12, 2018
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Peru has one of the highest rates of reported rape in Latin America. An estimated 62% of these affect women between the ages of 10…