Violence Against Women

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Peruvian feminists fighting femicide need your help

By Frontline Women's Fund | Mar 27, 2023
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On March 13th, two university students were sexually abused and murdered in Chosica, Peru, highlighting the urgent need for action to end violence against women and girls.

An Evening with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr. Denis Mukwege and V

By Frontline Women's Fund | Oct 21, 2022
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Last month, on September 19th, Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute at Hunter College hosted an evening with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Medical Director of Panzi Hospital, Dr. Denis Mukwege and Tony Award-winning playwright, founder of V-Day, and One Billion Rising, V (formerly Eve Ensler).

Finally, Justice for Solsiret Rodriquez

By Frontline Women's Fund | Jun 16, 2022
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When feminist activist Solsiret Rodriguez disappeared six years ago, her parents knew she had been another victim of femicide.

Dr. Denis Mukwege – CNN Interview on Sexual Violence in Ukraine

By Frontline Women's Fund | Jun 7, 2022
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Our brilliant partner and friend, Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Denis Mukwege of the Panzi Foundation recently spoke with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on the harsh realities of armed conflict and the urgent need to end rape as a weapon of war.

Feminist Activism in Peru

By Frontline Women's Fund | Nov 17, 2021
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Throughout Latin America, machismo culture teaches men, and women, that women are property, less than human, deserve abuse and punishment, and have no inherent rights.

COVID-19 Sexual Violence Crisis in Nepal

By Donor Direct Action | May 26, 2021

With the explosion of COVID-19 in India spreading across the border to Nepal, the Forum for Women, Law and Development (FWLD) is struggling to protect girls and women from sexual violence, which has become much more challenging in the current lockdown.


Oro’s Story

By Donor Direct Action | Feb 2, 2021

Oro started working as a domestic worker in Lebanon so she could provide for her family. Sadly, she was abused by her employer–who often withheld payment.

Puspa Poudel

A Life-Saving Helpline for Nepali Women During COVID

By Donor Direct Action | Dec 9, 2020

Nepal has seen a rise in domestic violence assaults during the lockdown. FWLD has operated their legal helpline through the pandemic offering potentially life-saving assistance.


Confronting Misogyny in Latvia

By Donor Direct Action | Dec 7, 2020
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Confronting Misogyny in Latvia In July 2019, the “Ghetto Games,” a street sports event for young people in a Riga suburb of Latvia produced a…


Justice For Victims Of Femicide In Peru

By Donor Direct Action | Dec 7, 2020
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Justice continues to elude victims of femicide in Peru. In 2019, 168 cases of femicide were recorded while only four perpetrators were sentenced to prison for femicide.

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Anna’s Story

By Donor Direct Action | Dec 7, 2020

Anna’s Story Anna met Andis 7 years ago. Soon after they met, Anna got pregnant. Towards the end of Anna’s pregnancy she was unable to…

Denis Mukwege Under Attack for Standing Up for Victims of Sexual Violence

By Donor Direct Action | Oct 7, 2020
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Denis Mukwege won the Nobel Peace Prize two years ago. Now, he’s under attack for standing up for victims of sexual violence.